The New Republic

W.H. Mallock

A novel discussing what the perfect society would be like

The Conservative Mind

Russell Kirk

This book goes very deep. Enthralling. Needs a nice quiet place to read.

The Quest for Community

Robert Nisbet

An evaluation of Western Society

Fearful Symmetry

Brian Lee Crowley

An in-depth look at what has happened (politically economically, socially) in Canada the last 50 years.


Ann Coulter

How Liberals have been using the Mob to get their way. Coulter draws on a book by Gustave Le Bon - The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, and the French Revolution, among other things, to warn us about GroupThink.

The Trouble with Canada - Still

William Gairdner

A 20 year re-issue updated and rewritten.

The Trouble with Democracy

William Gairdner

An epic journey from the birth of western thought and society to the present. The book took me 6 months the read. It was so mind blowing that after many, many paragraphs an audible "Wow!"was uttered.

The War Against the Family

William Gairdner

Probably the definitive book on the family's place in society, or should I say Society's growth from the family.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert Pirsig

This doesn't seem like it should be on this site, but it is philosophy that is seaching for the truth. Very readable too. The main purpose of the book is to reconcile Objectivity and Subjectivity.


Robert Pirsig

His second book, for someone into philosophy. It goes much deeper than Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Still the Best Hope

Denis Prager

Why America ideals are the best hope for the world.

The Trouble with Canada

William Gairdner

The first book I read of William Gairdner's. This book lifted the curtain and enabled me to see what I already half guessed about what was happening in Canada - the socialist revolution. I read this book 18 years after it was published. A review on the back of the paperback edition says it all: "Strong, unambiguous statements... ring though the book like hammer blows in a village smithy."


G.K. Chesterton

I find Chesterton hard to read. There are some pearls of wisdom and common sense, as a reward. This book details Chesterton's contemporaries and their views.

What's Wrong with the World

G.K. Chesterton

Even though it was written so long ago, it is still right.

EverLasting Man

G.K. Chesterton

I found this one extremely hard to follow.

Against Judical Activism

Rory Leishman

A very well written book, laying down the facts and exposing blatant usurping of our democracy.

A Rumour of God

Robert Sibley

An interesting book about spiritual self discovery

Stand for the Family

Sharon Slater

An account of what Family Watch International is doing at the UN as well as a family manifesto

The Book of the Absolutes

William Gairdner

The main theme of this book is to differentiate between Absolutism and Relativism. These are the basic forces tearing our society apart.

Is life Worth Living?

W.H. Mallock

A philosophic discussion that is hard to understand. One reason is that it was written 130 years ago.


Ezra Levant

Details Mr Levant's experiences with the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. A must read for anybody caring about freedom of speech.

Lights out

Mark Steyn

Details the cancer in western society, that is dismantling it.

America Alone

Mark Steyn

Demographics: The only western country that is keeping up its population.

The Force of Reason

Oriana Fallaci

How Muslims are taking over Europe.

The World Turned Upside Down

Melanie Phillips

Discusses the state of our society :(

The Deniers

Lawerence Soloman

Each chapter highlights a Global Warming Denier. You won't believe in Global Warming after reading it


Patrick J Micheals

More bad news for Global Warming believers.

Global Warming every 1500 years

S Fred Singer and Denis T. Avery

Fred Singer took Al Gore to court in the 1990s and won!

Liberal Fascism

Jonah Goldberg

Find out where the modern "Liberals" came from.